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Can Flex Tape Work?


Flex Tape is rubberized tape which can be used cold or hot, moist or dry. The official merchandise site is flextapeoffer.com, which was registered in December 2016. The screen shot below was taken of this merchandise site in January 2017.

Claims & Features

Waterproof tape, strong

Bonds instantly

Works underwater

Attaches to most surfaces

Holes that are big can be patched by size

Perfect for inflatables, pools, and spas


For the TV offer you can find a 4 x 5 roster of Flex Tape for $19.99 $9.95 shipping $9.99 processing. So, even though the advertising promotes a price of $19.99, you will wind up paying $39.93 for a 4 x 5 roster.

There’s an option to acquire an 8 x 5 roster for $29.99 $9.95 shipping $9.99 processing, or 12 x 10 for $49.99 $9.95 shipping $9.99 processing.

You may even get Flex Tape in the main Flex Seal site (flexreviews.org) for roughly the same cost, but with transport only about $6. This doesn’t include the bonuses.

As of the May 2017 upgrade, Flex Tape is available in some shops. I found a 4 x 5 roll for approximately $14 in a local Walmart.

Flex Tape Review

Flex Seal has been a brand of sealants that have advertised for years. The newest recently published Flex Tape (also known as “Flex Seal Tape”) that is a super powerful waterproof tape that’s believed to stop leaks and operate instantly.

I conducted some tests on it and found Flex Tape in a Walmart, that may be viewed in the movie at the bottom of this page, and which I will discuss below.

My initial thought is that this merchandise is marketed to FiberFix, which can be reported to be 100 times stronger than duct tape, and retains a evaluation among consumers. After being featured on Shark Tank that product came out. The drawback to FiberFix is that it’s a usage, and must be consumed once it is opened by you.

That’s not true with Flex Tape. You cut much you peel off the backing, and require. I have over a roll .

Flex Tape in the tv offer is not cheap, and the company charges another fee and a fee for transport. That amounts to about $40 for a roll of tape, which seems out of line with other manufacturers of repair tape. Compare that cost to a roster of FiberFix. You can find Flex Tape for much less in stores, and that’s where I recommend in the event that you wish to try it looking.

For my test, I cut a slit in it, and then put a piece between two hoses of PVC pipe. I implemented Flex Tape while water ran. It didn’t apply it. I left that part below to show you that it is easy to generate a mistake, and it might be tricky if you do not get it right, to eliminate Flex Tape. It took me more than 5 minutes to remove the tape in the PVC pipe so that I could try again.

Implementing Flex Tape into a PVC pipe.

With no water, I applied the tape for my PVC effort on, turned on the spigot and then smoothed out any bubbles. I had a stream of water despite efforts to smooth out any bubbles.

My next test involved a bucket, using a 1 inch hole. The bucket filled with water and corked the opening off. I slapped a part of Flex Tape within the hole and removed the cork. A couple of drops continued to emerge from beneath the tape, although it did stop the flow for the most part. After attempts to eliminate bubbles, and four weeks, a little bit of water drizzled from beneath the tape. I found the tape to be remarkable in this situation, since a 1 inch stopped flowing flow despite not being 100% sealed.

I attempted to recreate a demonstration in the Flex Tape commercial.

For my evaluation, I wanted to see while submerged under water if I could use Flex Tape. I filled it with water and cut a hole. I implemented Flex Tape in the interior, and the leak ceased. I applied another piece of tape and the escape did stop.

Implementing Flex Tape underwater.

I believe that the reason there might be could be caused by the status of the surface and the sort of repair. A uneven or jagged surface can create bubbles . Despite my tests not showing a 100% success rate, I found the tape to be sticky and strong. I can not say I have ever seen a tape superior to Flex Tape in regards, although it might not be able to fix every flow.

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The choice, which has been touted as Flex Tape for the majority of the applications, is FiberFix as mentioned above. That item comes in a number of sizes, and first came on Shark Tank to prominence years back.

Another option is Broad Tape Gorilla Touch &, which costs about $12 for a roll.

Below is my review of Flex Tape.

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