25 Jul 2017, 13:23

Innova Inversion Table ITX9250


There are two versions of this device with ITX9300 and the designation ITX9250. It’s a significant difference, although the difference between both is that their backrest. They are both inversion tables, which translates into a cost of about $100. Despite their simplicity, the Innova Elite Fitness table matches with the hopes of many customers that are prepared to accept the tables’ flaws and limitations.

Can it be Sturdy? The framework of this stand is constructed from durable tubular steel and comes in several pieces which will need to be assembled together. Every joint of the stand is secured with two screws, providing a feeling of sturdiness, even for of 250lbs. The frame is prone to scratches throughout use, folding proceeding for storage, and painted. While open, four legs have been cut to guarantee the rack, but this prevents it. The base is fitted with stabilizers for stability. Should youn’t need to risk losing them, when speaking about the stabilizers, it’s well worth mentioning that these are pushed onto the leg ends and may not stay on, so take care when folding the table.

It is possible to tighten the tension of that mesh using straps on the side of the backrest to keep your back up. It’s surely insufficient, although admittedly, the frame bars are covered with cushioning, and use for any period will cause some pain in shoulders and the hips. The cover of the backrest is fitted with a tiny removable pillow, however, it may force your head into an unnatural position as the pillow placement isn’t adjustable, i.e., it can’t be moved up or down. Needless to say, you could always eliminate that pillow, but you want to bear in mind that in the event you do, your head will be resting on the frame covered with simply a “breathable mesh,” which probably won’t be comfortable whatsoever.

The simplest fix to the backrest issue is to add your own additional cushioning in the kind of a thick towel or something. You could go for the Innova ITX9300. Its backrest is vinyl and foam padded. Choosing the solution, you might miss the fabric, but I can’t figure out why you’d need it to tell the truth. It’s beyond my understanding why anyone would need fabric that is breathable inside this form of an inversion table. The inversion therapy isn’t rigorous enough to permit you to break a sweat and lasts longer than ten minutes per session. You may believe when doing some inverted exercises like crunches, that feature could be useful, but the Innova Health and Fitness customer service representative stated that the inversion table was not designed for just about any exercise, or hanging completely down. It couldn’t have been.

The two Innova tables are fitted with long side foam padded handle bars which will always be within easy reach to help you during your inversion therapy session. They are beneficial in controlling the pace of to hold it or inversion. Furthermore, they will be convenient in the event the inversion table locks out in full inversion – many users have mentioned serious difficulties in getting back to the upright position from full inversion (skip to the “Adjustability” section to discover more about that issue). The handlebars allow it to be cumbersome to store and move, and definitely increase the majority of the ITX9250.

It’s not surprising that when it comes to finding ways to decrease costs, it is at the cost of this system, as the restraint is the portion of a inversion table. This is the reason you don’t locate a ratchet locking system on the ITX9300 or the ITX9250. You don’t see rear or front cuffs padded with an adjustable footrest and molded foam padding.

They are only 1 inch thick in their middle where your leg pressure will be applied, as they have a shape. You might find it a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, however, there are some fixes for this, wearing socks might work for some, though others may want to invest in applying cushioning that is additional itself. The foam rollers are secured with plugs which are pushed into place on bars.

The front rollers are adjustable and secured with a spring loaded pin that’s a tad short, which means you’ll be made to bend down to pull on it whenever you will need to lock or release your ankles. The system itself is spring loaded, so it is going to adjust around your legs as the pin is pulled on by you.

The footrest isn’t adjustable in any way, meaning that you won’t have the ability to bring it closer or set it further from the front rollers, based on the size of your instep. It follows that users will find themselves sliding head down the moment the inversion starts.